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* xcleftpage *

*** About xcleftpage

XCleftPage is a js minute page script.
It definitely may be separated from the dynamic language,
automatically withdraws the current page from URL,
it even may make aminute page for the static page,
as well as gives in iframe a pageminute page!
the project page

*** Install xCleftPage

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="xcleftpage.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
// _xcp.setup = [[all total, every page total, insert xcleftpage html in this id, style, Operation object, (if onclick , then run a js function)]];
_xcp.setup = [[2000, 20, 'xcleftpageid', 'default', window.location],
			  [1000, 33, 'xcleftpageid1', 'discuz2', window.location],
			  [10000, 53, 'xcleftpageid2', 'discuz', 'niframe'],
			  [3300, 30, 'xcleftpageid3', 'digg', 'liframe', 'Loading'],
			  [3000, 87, 'xcleftpageid4', 'none', window.location]];

*** Download xcleftpage for last version

*** Plugins API & Value

_xcp.JumpPage(id, jumpnumber)
id - the _xcp.setup index id
limit - every page total

*** Add Style for youself

download the xcleftpage then see the xcpp_xxx.js , every easy !

*** Bugs

my email is , thanks :)

*** DEMO

: default style for

: discuz style for iframes['niframe']

: discuz2 style for

: digg style for iframes['liframe'] , on click then run a js function , click then look at this page top

: none style for